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Firm presentation

     Firm prospect (german)
     Special information metal constructions (german)

Technical Information

   SPS Standard System (german)

Many of our customers use this new and simple method to save their process data collected in testing systems. An overview of the system with its advantages

   Advantages data-format PPT

Test systems made by ATM save their measuring data in ASCII format. There are various possibilities for data analyses. Also your CAQ-System serves an interface for data analysis. An description of method and its advantages

   Characteristics list

An idR, an Testing concept or a test plan  is used to fix testing tasks. We serve you with a Form of a characteristics list for your project plan.

   Advice LH for data protection

We provide an advice for Integration in your work statement. The requirements for supplier can so be adapted in topics of data protection. All advice can be adapted to your internal needs.

     QDAS Certificate

Measurement data are often useless because they have to convert and re-collected manually before they can be used in common software. ATM provides you the right data compatibility for your industrial standard
 - A certificate for your safety benefit.

















General trading conditions

     General trading conditions (german)
     General trading conditions (english)