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Test adapters

Design and construction of test systems for hybrid integrated circuits
is one of the key areas of ATM’s work.

Test adapters for hybrid integrated circuits were built for single
and for multiple purpose.
The ceramic substrates are aligned within the test unit. The products have to undergo different tests like in circuit tests, run-in-tests and functional tests - just right for all your customer’s needs.
Electrical contacting units test the function of the circuits. These contacting units are precision-mechanical special devices with several hundred contact pins.

Our specialists developed special manufacturing processes for these filigran contacting modules. The associated sets of cables to the measuring tower were produced at ATM. Special connectors are used for this technical unit.

Tests of pneumatic sensors are based on a reliable contacting process of all connections within the test unit. Test pressures of up to 20 bar require not only a complex sealing engineering but also a special material selection.

Project sample
Testing equipment for hybrid integrated circuits with pressure sensors, which will be parts of brake hoses by LKW's. The test adapters withstand the high temperatures in the process environment (heat chamber) easily..


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