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Testing systems

Service done by ATM

Our services provided for you:

  • development of test concepts, containing new technologies and/or standard test systems
  • plant planning, construction and consultation
  • assembly and start-up
  • approach support and coworker training
  • Service and Maintenance
  • All testing parts wich are used in ATM testing systems are high-quailty tools from specialized partners. Engineering of control units and visualization is done inhouse at ATM.

    Main points of work are

  • mechanically tests of function
  • measuring of different physical dimensions such as pressure, strength, tension
  • electronically tests of function, e.g. tests of electric motors: number of revolutions/power input
  • inspection technique of hybrid systems (mechanical and electronical)
  • selection of "non-in order" and "in order" - parts and their marking
  • visualization of the test process: Receptor administration, storing the measuring data in the ASCII transfer format
  • NEW: Identification of leaking by hydrogen pure gas analysis

    ATM News

    Indication of leakages through Hydrogen Indication Tests